Ready to change your mind?
If you can't:
  • Find your keys
  • Remember a name
  • Think of a word
  • …you're not alone!
  • Upgrade your brain from a maze to amazing with simple strategies, effective exercises and engaging games.
  • When you want a motivating speaker to provide a unique blend of entertainment and brain training ...
  • When you'd like to get mental exercise with challenging cognitive games and puzzles ...
  • When you need memory improvement techniques and
  • When you just want to remember the word on the tip of your tongue!
  • Build the cognitive reserve necessary for your brain span to keep pace with your life span.
  • Stop complaining! Start brain training - and keep your mind on track!

  • Upgrade your brain from a maze to amazing... 

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    Judy Herman is a special interest/enrichment lecturer with programs geared to Baby Boomers, active adults, savvy seniors and the elderly. She engages audiences of all ages with interactive word games and mental activities designed with fun in mind.
    Increase your focus to meet the constant demands of a world full of distractions.



    "All Aboard the Brain Train" is a mental fitness class.

    Your conductor/instructor, the personable Judy Herman, engages participants with interactive word games, logic puzzles and memory techniques.
    This enjoyable whole brain workout helps build the cognitive reserve necessary to ward off mental decline.

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    Let Me Braintertain You!

    Judy Herman, your personal "BRAINTERTAINER," presents a unique blend of brain training and entertainment, combining practical memory improvement techniques with interactive word games and logic puzzles. Audience participation makes for a lively hour you won't forget …
    mental activities designed with fun in mind!

    Get Braintertained!

    Make Voyages Memorable

    A unique enrichment program, "Cruising the Brain Waves" is an interactive variety of experiences lasting 45 to 55 minutes.
    It challenges audiences to engage their brains in a fun and entertaining way.
    Judy’s novel exercises sharpen memory in the short term and produce long term results.
    Get onboard with Judy Herman for a cruise to remember!

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    Let Judy Braintertain You!

    An avid puzzle and games enthusiast,  Judy Herman is a former "Jeopardy" Champion who now delights in setting mental challenges for her audiences.

    Judy's ever‐increasing expertise in the field of memory enhancement, her good sense of humor and engaging personality make her much in demand as a speaker.

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    Let us introduce Judy

    JUDY HERMAN holds a B.S. Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin; she developed and has been successfully conducting "All Aboard the Brain Train" cognitive fitness classes for many years, in numerous independent senior residences in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

    She is now also presenting her "Braintertainment" programs ‐ always with "fun in mind" ‐ at active adult communities and country club groups, and to local business, social and educational organizations.

    Onboard cruise ships Judy presents her "Cruising the Brain Waves" program, making voyages unforgettable.

    Her other careers in the U.S. and in England (where she lived for 14 years) include high school English teacher, personnel interviewer, contemporary design store manager, marketing and public relations coordinator, promotional specialty advertising director and teacher of healthy cooking.

    "Braintertainment" is the name of the game, presenting challenging mental activities designed with fun in mind.

    Judy Herman has conducted her popular "All Aboard the Brain Train" program for over a decade at independent senior communities in New York, New Jersey and Florida including:

    By popular demand, Judy has expanded the realm of her unique brain health and fitness program ‐ "Let Me Braintertain You" ‐ to Active Adult Communities, Educational, Social, Charitable, and Business Organizations in South Florida including:

    Classes in Florida are taught monthly and have attracted a large following of satisfied "students." Activities Directors always appreciate her professionalism, enthusiasm and warm connection with their residents.

    Judy is proud to be included on the roster of acclaimed special interest lecturers represented by the prestige cruise booking agency, Compass Speakers and Entertainment, Inc.

    Her "Cruising the Brain Waves" program had "the best turnout ever!" for an enrichment presentation onboard a recent Royal Caribbean cruise.

    "How wonderful it is to have someone who understands the challenges of the elderly and provides a stimulating unique program in an upbeat, positive manner." ‐Shirley, Lauderhill, FL
    (See more "Testimonials from Attendees")

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    Judy's Work


    Senior Residences

    Searching for a stimulating ongoing program geared to the interests and abilities of independent older adults?

    With years of experience and dedication, Judy sincerely puts her audience at ease, speaking clearly and distinctly. She is continually challenging and motivating seniors to stay mentally active and "keep their minds on track."

    Participants feel comfortable, and leave more confident about their minds and memory; that’s Judy’s commitment to this rapidly growing group of "students."

    Said Edie, a 5 Star Premier resident, " … Judy opens doors that others think are long closed."


    Cruise Ships

    Good memories are the best souvenirs of any trip.

    Not just another "port talk," Cruising the Brain Waves is an informative, entertaining enrichment program created to make every voyage memorable.

    "Been there, done that, got the tee shirt!" Experienced cruisers are looking for novelty – entertainment plus mental exercise and "that's Braintertainment!"

    The results are in: Standing room only and "the best attendance EVER for an enrichment presentation!" onboard the "Freedom of the Seas."