Frequently Asked Questions


"What exactly is the Brain Train and how does it train my brain?"

"Great question ‐ or actually questions, since it requires a 2 part answer.

"All Aboard the Brain Train" Conducted by Judy Herman is a brain health and fitness course  ‐  like going to a mind gym where you can stretch and tone your mental muscles, led by an encouraging trainer. It's an enjoyable whole brain workout designed to "keep your mind on track!"

The classes have been ongoing for almost a decade and continue to be well ‐ received at independent senior residences in Florida, New York, and New Jersey. I take great pleasure being a cognitive coach/cheerleader for these "mature teams", and have been gratified to see students’' interest and ability increase.

The "Brain Training" part is the arsenal of information I've built over the years and share with my groups. Word games, logic puzzles and intellectual activities based on real life situations can help build the cognitive reserve necessary to ward off mental decline. Thinking strategies for remembering names and words can prevent embarrassing "senior moments." Practical suggestions for healthy aging and lifestyle adjustments  ‐  good nutrition and physical exercise  ‐  can create a big difference in the life of the brain. "  ‐ Judy

"What does every "Let Me Braintertain You" presentation contain, and how is each different? "

"Healthy brain aging information, along with age-appropriate lifestyle adjustments, challenging mental gymnastics and useful real life tips. Audiences love and learn from the interactive word games and teasers. My "Word Wheel" anagram game is the most popular in every presentation! I always give "How to" information in solving puzzles, so getting the right answer is less important than how you got there. And then you'll enjoy going there again!

I give lots of suggestions and encouragement to continue finding new ways to challenge the brain. Every day brings new ideas, products, studies relating to the healthy brain to share, so the material is fresh and relevant, and my presentation engages all audiences of all abilities and experience, always appropriate to their interests and needs.

So the format is the same, but the content varies ‐ and That's Braintertainment! " -Judy


"Where do you get your material?"

" I'm like a curator of information, culling research from multiple sources  ‐  online, on air and in print. And like an artist, I create and present a collage of interesting articles, humor, and puzzles  ‐  which creates BRAINTERTAINMENT!

I do make it a point to attribute credit to the originators of the material, and refer my audiences to their sites, books, programs, etc. I think there is so much good stuff out there that I'm always on the lookout to share and spread the word. I'm very glad to have my audiences contribute lots of relevant, interesting, challenging information ‐ and puzzles! "  ‐ Judy


"Why are you qualified?"

"After graduating with BS in Education from Univ of Wisconsin (Madison), I taught Sophomore English at Evanston Township High School in Evanston Illinois (rated in top-10 in the nation at the time). All my work experiences (see ABOUT JUDY) have involved teaching and interacting with others ‐ contributing to my ability to relate to the audience, and being personable enough to engage them.

When my mother began to experience difficulty with memory and language I was inspired to help her cope with cognitive decline. I compiled extensive research which led to the development of "All Aboard the Brain Train," an innovative cognitive fitness and memory improvement course. I have personal experience with many well-known, well ‐ respected and tested computer ‐ based brain training products like PositScience and Lumosity. I love "playing" Nintendo's Brain Age and even have a "degree" from Wii's Big Brain Academy!

Less hi ‐ tech, at my house there are Sudoku books galore, a crossword puzzle on the go, and "Words With Friends" at my fingertips  ‐  that's what keeps me busy with "great escapes."

My love of puzzles and word games started well before my "Jeopardy" appearances, and I continue to delight in setting quizzes for my audiences as well as doing my own share ("Words With Friends", anyone?)

And I am continually looking for new "Trainer/Teasers" appropriate for my groups and adaptable for all levels. It takes a challenge to create a change, and confidence to do so. " -Judy


"Who is your audience?"

"Everyone, really, can use some tips and exercises to keep their brains healthy and functioning to achieve their potential.

Babies and young children whose brains are just developing need lots of stimulating mental activities to build the foundations of learning ‐ and the love of it. But why are these games thought to be only for kids when throughout life we want to have our minds growing and expanding ‐ and studies have proven that "neurogenesis" (creating new brain cells) continues well into old age.

Middle Rangers, who are bridging the gap between the tech savvy generation and those whose heads are in a different cloud! They want more memory capacity and faster processing. They need to ugrade their equipment.

The "All Aboard the Brain Train" course is geared primarily to Baby Boomers, Active Adults, and Savvy Seniors. People with intellectual capital concerned about building enough "cognitive reserve" in their "brain banks" to avoid losing their mental investment.

And there is always room aboard for those who want to "Use It" but need a "Conductor" to lead them with enjoyable, ability-adaptable activities. "  ‐ Judy


"Can you customize a class?"

"Yes, I like to satisfy a group's specific needs by sourcing material depending on their interests, purpose, population and ability level. Puzzles, word games and strategic thinking activities are adapted to appeal to each particular audience.

To assess and exceed expectations, I will also provide a questionnaire prior to my appearance to increase the value of the program for your group." -Judy


"What size groups do you work with?"

"The program is adaptable for any number of participants, from one-on-one coaching sessions to large group presentations of 100+  ‐  and everything in between.

Activities vary by size of the class, with more individual instruction in a seminar setting and showmanship for a large audience.

But no matter what the number there is always interaction and involvement, with audience participation always encouraged." -Judy


"How long is each session? Do you do a series of classes?"

"Each presentation usually runs for an hour. I always allow enough time for questions and comments. The sessions are segmented so attention span of the group is not exceeded, and the focus shifts back and forth from my sharing information to active audience participation.

The "All Aboard the Brain Train" cognitive fitness class is adaptable from a single session, to a package of three or six seminars, to a regular monthly ongoing program. I evaluate the requirements of each client and together we tailor the program to suit specific needs.

Likewise, the "Cruising the Brain Waves" program is easily adaptable to the "days at sea" requirements of a particular itinerary." -Judy