Ready to change your mind?
If you can't:

  • Find your keys
  • Remember a name
  • Think of a word
  • …you're not alone!
    Upgrade your brain from a maze to amazing with simple strategies, effective exercises and engaging games.

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    When you want a motivating speaker to provide a unique blend of entertainment and brain training ...
    When you'd like to get mental exercise with challenging cognitive games and puzzles ...
    When you need memory improvement techniques and
    When you just want to remember the word on the tip of your tongue!

    Judy Herman is a special interest/enrichment lecturer with programs geared to Baby Boomers, active adults, savvy seniors and the elderly. She engages audiences of all ages with interactive word games and mental activities designed with fun in mind.

    Increase your focus to meet the constant demands of a world full of distractions.
    Build the cognitive reserve necessary for your brain span to keep pace with your life span.
    Stop complaining! Start brain training - and keep your mind on track!

    Keep Your Mind On Track!

    "All Aboard the Brain Train" is a mental fitness class.

    Your conductor/instructor, the personable Judy Herman, engages participants with interactive word games, logic puzzles and memory techniques.

    This enjoyable whole brain workout helps build the cognitive reserve necessary to ward off mental decline.

    It's so much fun! Go On, Try it!

    Let Me Braintertain You!

    Judy Herman, your personal "BRAINTERTAINER," presents a unique blend of brain training and entertainment, combining practical memory improvement techniques with interactive word games and logic puzzles.

    Audience participation makes for a lively hour you won't forget …

    mental activities designed with fun in mind!

    Make Voyages Memorable

    A unique enrichment program, "Cruising the Brain Waves" is an interactive variety of experiences lasting 45 to 55 minutes.

    It challenges audiences to engage their brains in a fun and entertaining way.

    Judy’s novel exercises sharpen memory in the short term and produce long term results.

    Get onboard with Judy Herman for a cruise to remember!


    Let Judy Braintertain You!

    • Memory Expert
    • Puzzle Guru
    • Enrichment Presenter
    • Energetic Engaging Speaker

    An avid puzzle and games enthusiast,  Judy Herman is a former "Jeopardy" Champion who now delights in setting mental challenges for her audiences.

    Judy's ever‐increasing expertise in the field of memory enhancement, her good sense of humor and engaging personality make her much in demand as a speaker.

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